Following his departure from JAAN, everyone was excited to see chef Julien Royer’s return. Named after his grandmother, Odette has finally opened its doors in the swanky, iconic National Gallery Singapore. The approach to both the food and the space is similar, one that has found a delicate balance between honesty and flair. It is wonderfully refreshing to experience a fine menu in such a comfortable space, one that retains formality while keeping you at ease. Go for the four-course lunch ($88), or indulge in a six-course meal ($128) on weekdays. Alternatively, splurge on a special occasion with the six- ($208) or eight-course ($268) dinner. Expect some twists to a couple of familiar dishes from JAAN (think a modified 55' smoked egg), alongside new creations such as the Hand-Picked Scottish Scallop which boasts fresh, springy scallops over a juicy, smoky slab of charcoal-grilled Kurobuta pork belly. This is a meal to remember, for sure.