At LUNA, having one cake just isn't enough and hence, we decided to get a second - the matcha opera! The dessert is a matcha-centred cake, which intersperses layers of matcha-flavoured chiffon with matcha mousse! The matcha is fairly concentrated and the bitterness took us by surprise; however, we love it as we are fans of matcha!

LUNA also added a generous dose of Chantilly cream on top of the cake and sprinkled matcha powder for more good measure. The Chantilly cream was light and slightly sweet, which provided a nice contrast to the matcha-based ingredients used for all other aspects of this dessert. 😁 Priced at $9++, we think this was a great dessert that was really value-for-money, especially for those of us who love matcha.

While LUNA was empty at 12 noon on a Sunday morning, the patisserie filled up rapidly with the post-lunch crowd not long after. As the eatery is pretty popular, there is a dine-in time limit of 75 minutes so you may wish to take note of that if you are planning to head down to LUNA!

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