Came around 1pm and there was a queue. When it was our turn the waitress took our order first while waiting for a table to clear, which is good as it helps reduce the waiting time for the food.

Ordered the Millefeuille Pancake 4 Pieces ($7.90). Pancakes were soft, light, slightly eggy and fluffy. Similar to souffle pancakes. Topped with butter and cream. They also provide maple syrup at the side so you can pour as much as you like.

Strawberry and Mixed Berry Pancake 2 Pieces ($11.90)- Tangy strawberry, mixed berries and rich Hokkaido cream complement each other perfectly. Pancakes were also fluffy. The acidity of the berries really help to balance the sweetness of the cream.

Also added a drink set (+$3.50) which are applicable to all drink $4.50 and below. Got the coke and the coke was served in a glass without much effervescent.

Overall a good place for souffle-like pancakes.