The journey in the title refers to me on my journey to find a cafe in Singapore to restore my hope in our local cafe scene. There were some hits and misses and some neutral ground like the regular potato fries and cheese sticks. The flagwhite beef burger did not have a strong beefy flavour and was dry with just the flavour and aroma of the bacon. Misses for me was the halibut burger which I am willing to bet that the halibut was frozen and the sauce on the burger was too spicy to enjoy. Also the iced chai latte that I had was too watered down by the milk. It felt I was drinking milk and imagining the chai. But the hit for me though was the sweet potato fries! Way better than regular sweet potato fries out there and I might wager that they made it themselves from scratch. Also the coffee was good! If I return in the future, I would give the burgers a miss and try their “knife and fork” menu items. Overall, 6.5/10 for me. Might return if I’m in the area.