A Halal botanical inspired gelato shop, Momolato is no stranger to the Haji Lane area. I've been wanting to try Momolato for a while now - way back when they were selling popsicles over at SMU.

Momolato is known for their keto diet friendly options - which means no sugar - which means less sweet. (Oh dear, oh dear.)

The scent of their waffles permeated their little cafe and I got eager to try while queuing outside - to the point that I totally missed their croffles on their menu. Decided to be a little fancy and went with their Pandan waffles, paired with two scoops of ice-cream - Himalayan Osmanthus Passionfruit Mango & Onde Onde Yellow Sweet Potato.

Damn it all sounds so fancy doesn't it. Unfortunately, it was all loss in the taste. The Pandan waffle was a bright green hue that made me apprehensive when I saw it on the waffle iron; sadly it smelled and tasted artificial in the end. The saving grace was their salted caramel sauce that came with it.

Gelato-wise, the osmanthus was lacking in the gelato, being overpowered by the passionfruit while the Onde Onde (which I had high hopes for as I love everything ondeh ondeh) was also lacking in sweetness and flavour. The texture of it also seemed more buttery than creamy.

I do chalk it up to perhaps my own bad choices and if only we could taste test the gelatos prior to ordering like how it was back when the world was normal. I guess the whole keto fad isn't for me, though I'll definitely like to give Momolato another shot and try their other flavours. And maybe their croffles to boot. They're also the only ice-cream shop over at Haji Lane that stays open till late.

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