Alright, I’m drunk, I’m on Burpple and I’m trying to write a somewhat coherent review, so this is gonna be a fast game.

Right! So, Soi Thai has grilled pork neck available on its menu as a ‘signature’ item. I can tell you right now even through my alcohol impaired buzz that the grilled pork neck truly deserves that ‘signature’ tag affixed to it.

If you’ve never had the good fortune of savoring Thai style grilled pork neck, boy you are in for a treat. Think the lean qualities of a pork loin combined with the gluttonously gratifying fatty qualities of a cut of pork belly, and grilled to charcoal charred, delicious perfection, and you’re there. Sure, it’s might just be a little too oily for the more health conscious, finicky diners out there, but I swear on God it’s obscenely juicy and stupendously delicious. It’s a little like eating a very pleasant gelatin blob, but there’s that majestical meatiness at the end to stir your loins. Plus, did I mention just how deliriously delicious it is due to all that tantalizing Thai seasoning, and that shamefully inadequate chili sauce dip back there?

Lemme tell y’all right now, this plate of porcine is well worth sticking your neck out for.

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