Super long time since we went on an ice cream parlour date!

This place was crowded on a Fri night at 8+pm! We had to patiently wait (in a long line) for seats. We got the double scoop ice cream ($7) - lychee raspberry and pistachio, and original waffles ($5). Had intended to get the black sesame waffle initially, but unfortunately it was already sold out (so was the chocolate waffle). This ice cream cafe actually specialises in chocolate! Obviously, with its name of "obsessive chocolate desire". There were at least 5 diff flavours of choc ice cream to choose from! But I wasn't a hugeeeee fan of chocolates (chocolates actually give me headaches because of a stupid thing I did as a kid: I ate chocolate and started spinning myself until I got dizzy. Lol. From then on chocolate is always correlated to headaches for me. Especially bitter chocolate haha)