It’s so amazing that you can find such pastries here in Singapore - it brings back happy memories of my travels in Europe. For their novelty, they’re not that expensive either, with a slice of burek going for $4.90 and a kifla for $2. As a fan of feta cheese in flaky pastries, this was heaven for me, as such style of pastries is uncommon in Singapore.

There are both sweet and savoury options, as well as dessert choices too. You can choose to takeaway or dine-in - there’s quite a decent-sized seating area. You can request for your pastries to be toasted, so that you may enjoy them hot and crispy! I would recommend this because it makes a pretty significant difference in the experience.

Generally the seats here are readily available as I think most people get the pastries for takeaway. I would most definitely consider getting the pastries again if I were passing by the area!

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