📍Cedele Bakery kitchen, Waterway point📍
💸 Roasted chicken & Avocado sandwich: $16
💸 Pesto Seabass Coriander pasta: $19
💸 Carrot walnut cake slice: $8
We'e only known Cedele for their great bakes, but today was the first time we actually tried out their mains. 😲 Having already eaten Cedele's bread on many occasions, the simple roasted chicken & avocado sandwich was made even better by their delicious bread🥖. Their pesto Seabass coriander pasta🍝 was good as well, and we thought their their pesto sauce was not bad! Overall, Cedele serves up simple and hearty meals that will be great for a quick and casual meal.☺️

Lastly, we couldn’t leave without their carrot walnut cake🍰 which we bought home to eat. We are really big fans of their carrot walnut cake, especially the dense carrot cake with lots of walnuts and just the right amount of cream cheese.😍 Yummy!!!😋