If you’re a fan of thick, dense milkshakes - look no further. Butter Studio makes their shakes from their very own ice cream, so you feel like you’re slurping their ice cream up in liquid form. Perfect if you're craving for the taste of ice cream but are too lazy to use your hands to scoop it into your mouth (wait I’m not the only one right?).

Choose from 3 flavours - Speculoos Crunch, Berry Lychee or Midnight Chocolate. I personally found the Speculoos Crunch very sweet but it’s probably great for children and those with very sweet tooth's. I preferred the Berry Lychee - I couldn’t really taste the lychee but I liked the milkiness and creaminess of the ice cream base paired with the fruity taste of berries (tasted primarily strawberry). The milkshakes were smooth and thick - their consistencies didn’t change even after they were left out for a considerable amount of time, which is a great plus point.

Butter Studio is located on the first floor of Bugis Junction, making it a convenient stop for sweet cravings. The staff are as sweet as their desserts too! There are not many dessert shops that are Halal certified, so this shop usually comes to mind whenever I’m looking for dessert options with my Muslim friends.

Thank you Burpple and Butter Studio for the invite!