Pasta Loft is a bold new adventurer, setting up shop in the graveyard of F&B outlets known as The Midtown (professional architect’s opinion: the shop spaces at Midtown were basically designed to fail right from the planning stage). However, Hougang Central has zilch in the way of pasta options since Pastamania upped & left about a decade ago, so this is quite the welcome development.⠀

@gastronomickitchen Chicken Tikka Masala Pasta ($9.90 nett) sounds like something a western European soccer mom/expatriate who still considers her holiday to India a decade ago to be her spiritual awakening would throw together for an ‘Asian Inspired’ dinner, but it works. I was advised by the lady at the counter that fusilli was a better pasta for the tikka masala than linguine, so that’s what I’m running here.⠀

The creamy, unctuous & mildly spicy tikka masala was a perfect sauce for the adorably al dente fusilli, and that’s all you really need for a piquant pasta. Although I must say, the origins of the chicken tikka masala was a little sus given that there was a briyani diner immediately next door (Siri, play hmmmm.avi). Still, the masala was majestically mouthwatering, and I didn’t need much motivation to polish off the pasta with gusto. The only problem with this pasta was the miserly portion of chicken strips given, but I’m confident that’s gonna be an easy error to correct.

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