Crackerjack is a new F&B establishment at Tanjong Pagar Road which had recently open just a week or two ago — this is part of their breakfast menu which they had just started serving yesterday, running from 8am to 11am on Mondays to Saturdays (thankfully they did allow me to order it despite being just a couple of minutes late; like maybe two minutes?)

One of the most different pancake dishes around and the description actually got my eye for I tend to opt out of pancakes in other places — the ingredients include "Almond Praline, Cinnamon Whipped Cream and Agave Nectar". The play of different flavour profiles here is pretty obvious in the infusion of the different elements — soft, fluffy pancakes that tastes of a light nuttiness amidst the batter; that's where the almond praline shines while enhanced with the hint of cinnamon within the whipped cream for a rather Christmas-sy flavour at times. The agave nectar used in place of maple syrup gives it a clean sweetness and finish, as opposed to the maple syrup that can end up cloying at times. Fried bacon is an additional option at $4 extra — crisp and sinful but it really helps to just opt for it; after all who dislikes bacon anyway? A really thoughtful play of flavours that simply works, immensely satisfying and delicious even for those who don't really fancy pancakes — a twist to the usual pancakes but with a strong character and identity of its own; wouldn't mind having this again!