Similar to YTF concept where we choose and select the ingredients you want except their staff will assist you. Instead of charging by weight, the ingredients are priced affordably at (per portion) $1 for vegetables, $2 - $3 for meat and seafood, $0.50 for rice and $1 for noodles. Each portion size is suitable for 1-2 pax.

We chose ingredients such as lotus root, potato, enoki, sliced fish, luncheon meat and noodles to share. They have 4 spice level - 不辣 Non-Spicy, 小辣 Less Spicy, 中辣 Medium Spicy and 大辣 Super Spicy. We chose to go with less spicy which was alright and good to eat comfortably but felt that we could level up and go for the medium spicy the next round. The peppercorns are fatal, one bite and it caused a numb tingling sensation on my tongue 🥵

I like their version of MXG that was well seasoned and flavourful which leans more on the garlic rather than peppery taste. They are also very generous with the servings of peanut and sesame seeds.

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