Have heard about their unique omakase where you get enormous quantities of ikura and we were pretty impressed!

The standard omakase ($128) comprises of 9 courses and there is indeed a huge variety. From sashimi to tempera to grilled dishes, they have them all. These are just some of the dishes we had during the course and I must say I was very surprised by the beauty of the plating of their dishes!

As for the food quality, all dishes were of decent quality definitely. The sashimi pieces were decently fresh and the Wagyu Beef was pretty tender but not melt in the mouth though. Though I must admit I was not expecting much when I was served corn, but that is probably the sweetest, juiciest and most delicious corn I've had.

If you love your ikura, this is definitely a place to check out. To make it less painful on your wallet, you can get some discounts via @chopesg vouchers! Definitely a place to bring your loved ones for a celebration!