I decided to try this out seeing how beautiful it was and what a good call that was because WOW this is some good ass bread😍

The coffee cookie on top is sweet with a pleasant coffee aroma, and the little chocolate chips elevated it for me. The bread itself was really soft with chocolate stripes twisted into it. This bread tastes like a regular coffee bun, except spruced up with chocolate and being about 20 times better.

Definitely 100% worth trying this if you're ever at Donq!! They also have a regular cookie version but I chose the coffee one instead since I love coffee buns. Maybe I'll be back in the future to try the regular one πŸ˜—

⭐ Rating: 9.1/10 brachiosauruses with twisty necks
πŸ€‘ Worth the price: yes
πŸ¦– would I buy again: yes
πŸ’ would I marry: yes