There are two types of Durian Sago here; a $3.80 version that comes without the durian flesh and the $4.80 one that is the one I have ordered. Thought that the Durian Sago was pretty pleasant here, with chewy sago pearls that weren't mushy dunked in a pretty rich mousse that boasts of pungent flavours of durian, enhanced by the fibrous flesh atop. If anything, they probably should have been more careful with the processing of the durian flesh for one of the thorns from the durian shell ended up in there which can be a little dangerous if swallowed. The staff could also probably be a little bit more tolerant against curious potential patrons walking into the store to peek at the menu — the guy behind the counter seemed a little impatient when an elderly auntie pushed in a child in a pram asking about the various items on the menu and didn't seem pleased when she walked away without ordering anything.