Yes yes, I'm only like a couple of years late to the party, give me a break.

The (in)famous Plaster Blaster ($5.50) from Springleaf Prata Place is basically what happens when someone decides that using bread for Eggs Benedict is far too mainstream and cans the bread in favor of a round (geddit? GEDDIT?!! Hehehe-sorry.) of Springleaf's signature oily, sinful but so damned good kosong prata.

Of course, adding a poached egg with its flowy, sticky yolk onto a near-perfect piece of prata is just pure genius. The cheap processed ham somehow works well with the prata and poached egg, and it just serves to heighten your pleasure. As for the hollandaise...well, it's more mayo than actual hollandaise so I'd recommend you curving that. Drown this prata in Springleaf's curry instead.

Personally, I found Springleaf's curry to be kinda underwhelming due to them not putting any coconut milk into the curry (where my coconut milk at boy), but it's still relatively serviceable. Hoo lawdy, I can already feel my arteries getting plastered, but it was worth it.