[Restaurant Available on Burpple Beyond] It pains me to say that I did not like this…at all. I honestly found it overbearing in terms of sweetness. I’ve had several bread and butter puddings in my life, and none of them have been as criminally cloying as this one.

To put it as viscerally as I can, it was that kind of sweetness in which you can feel ephemeral burns at the back of your throat. This was coming from not just me, but my friend too, who was curious to try some when he saw my strong reaction to it after taking my first bite. So I’m very sure I’m not exaggerating anything here. 😩

A couple of of the fruit loaf slices weren’t adequately soaked in the custard as well, which was a shame. The fruit loaf was admittedly dense though, so I suppose it was an inevitable limitation. ☹️

I’ve also kindly told them my feedback on it, and the person attending to me justified the quality by saying there are a lot of sweeteners that went into this:
• vanilla
• cream
• sugar
• fruits in the slices of the loaf

He went ahead and added with an understatedly defensive tone, “maybe it’s just your taste,” because other people have apparently said good things about it. 🤨

Umm…let’s just say that I totally disagreed, albeit peacefully. At least I’ve already shared my concerns with them personally before posting about it online. For me, I just hope to be able to be of help, in the case that it’s in tandem with how other customers feel. And from there, they can make adjustments their recipe so that they give them a better experience — good enough to make them want to come back. 🤷🏽‍♂️ (2.8/10)

They like to tell you how to store and your bread too
They do?! I had no idea...it’s probably because I didn’t order their sourdough platter! 🤪😭