While we heard of LUNA because of their orh-nee cakes, we are here to try their other cakes today! We first tried the Luna 2.0, as the dark-brown globule caught our eye as it looked like it was hiding something mysterious. 😁😆 The exterior is actually a dark chocolate coating and it encompasses a mousse made from dark chocolate and hazelnut! The mousse uses 70% dark chocolate, which overpowers all presence of hazelnut. Hence, the mousse is on the bitter side and we would advise those of you who are not fans of dark chocolate not to order this.

The core of Luna 2.0 contains a ball of salted caramel, however, which adds a nice salty contrast to the rest of the dark chocolate mousse. We would advise you to try to mix the mousse with the salted caramel core if possible as trying the core alone can get pretty gelat after a while! The base of Luna 2.0 is made of a layer of crushed hazelnuts and another layer of feuilletine coated with dark chocolate. The relatively crunchy base was pretty nice to eat with the mousse and we were thankful for it as the mousse alone became slightly cloying after a while.

Despite the handicraft needed to make the Luna 2.0, the dessert is priced very affordably at $9++! Hence, we would strongly encourage you to give this a try, especially if you are a fan of dark chocolate! 😋