Checking out Poké Doke, a new Poké bar that is situated in Millennia Walk at the unit just beside Tachihara Coffee (both shop spaces used to belong to Candy Empire btw).

Opted for the medium bowl which entitles one to a two scoops of Poké and four toppings; I also opted for an additional premium topping of Onsen Egg for $1.50 extra. The Poké here are actually pretty good; opted for the Wasabi Salmon and Spicy Tuna which were fresh — the former was a well-balanced sort of numbing goodness that provides a good kick while the spicy tuna was a milder sort of spiciness which is also pretty flavourful. Ordered the bowl with Mixed Rice; a little flawed in my opinion because it was served half bowl white, half bowl brown instead of actually being mixed in together. The various toppings actually fit pretty well; my choice were the fried shallots (as that crunchiness to the bowl), flying fish roe (for the umami bursting sensation), carrots (for the sake of adding a vegetable so it feels more balanced in my mind 😅) and seaweed nori. Would probably say that it's a pretty well done and quality bowl of Poké that works great for the office crowds at Millennia Walk for a healthy lunch option!