Checked out the new Lady M branch at Scotts Square to get my hands on the Rose Mille Crepe, an offering that is exclusive to the Scotts Square branch. I must say this is probably the most comfy Lady M branch around — absolutely plush and spacious with the use of cushioned seats and tall ceilings; it's very different from their Orchard Central and Westgate (and their first Marina Square outlet) and a pretty welcoming sight actually.

While the pastry cream is rose-infused, the cream between the layers are still pretty much similar to the original. That being said, the rose does pull through on the top, providing for that light hint of floral fragrance that perfumes the entire cake if eaten all the way downwards. The layers are tightly packed, which makes the Mille Crepe pretty neat to eat — would say I probably liked the original one better but this is actually quite worth trying for the novelty (or at least I did not regret trying this one out).