Just when I thought Springleaf's positively perfect prata couldn't be matched, along comes Chindamani to prove me wrong.

The secret behind Chindamani's crisp pratas is their technique, which sees a maximum of two slightly thicker than paper layers folded onto each other. Naturally, the kosong (plain) prata is as crisp as a general's over-starched uniform, and it's actually comparable to paper prata.

The plaster prata is probably the best I've ever had, as it's simply one Chindamani's transcendent kosong pratas that has an egg-splosive sunny side up grafted into it. Their chicken curry could be richer and more savory, but it's quite hard to nitpick when that glorious, crispy prata gets coated with that luscious egg yolk gets dipped into the curry and loaded into your eager mouth.

This right here is the breakfast of champions.

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