Silogs are one of the most popular breakfast meals in the Philippines. A combination of one dish, sinangang (fried rice) and itlog (egg). The silog can come with longganisa (sausage-like), beef tapa (sirloin), or anything - name it! Got one of my faves, Bangsilog (RM10). - note how we just suffix silog to anything haha.

The milkfish (bangus, thus the name) is marinated well with soy sauce and vinegar and was deep fried. It kinda has the taste of home that's why I love it ❤ī¸

It is really a good thing to have a nearby Filipino restaurant in my place - relieves homesickness! You could try to visit on weekend nights as they have a live band playing Filipino music. Service is something they should work on though (slow ☚ī¸).

Other defaults I order: lechon kawali (but you might find this very very oily), avocado shake