We visited Common Man Coffee Roasters late enough such that their lunch menu was ready! We ordered the Cubanos Sandwich as it had a pretty interesting name and we haven't tried a savoury item from Common Man before! The dish comes with two really big sandwiches, each containing shredded pork, ham, pickles, jalapenos and filled with raisin chutney. The bread used for the sandwich was amazingly tough and it may take some effort to cut/bite through although it really does help in holding your sandwich together. The pork and ham were generous although we felt that the most interesting part of the sandwich was the use of raisin chutney, which gave the sandwich a spicy (probably from the use of chillies) and zesty (probably from the use of vinegar) flavour at the same time! 😮

The dish comes with a pretty generous serving of fries that were covered with a small amount of chilli powder. Fries were rather thick-cut, although they were nothing to be wowed over! For $26++, this was a really heavy dish and if you are not a big eater, you may want to consider sharing this with someone else.

Surprisingly, we managed to get a table for 4 at Common Man quite easily on a Saturday morning as we were mentally prepared to queue for a bit to get a table!

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