Created in collaboration with Mastercher Asia alumnus @lennardy is this burger which comes with interesting elements such as the house-made XO sauce, dried shrimp, scallop and bacon patty, turkey patty and kaffir lime mayonnaise. This special burger is only available between now till end August 2017.

I found the burger substantially sized but doesn't leave one disgustingly bloated even though yes, it can be filling — probably so for there isn't any cheese and does not come with an onslaught of sauces (and also because I just made do with the burger without ordering any fries). A burger I really enjoyed for it's something seemingly created with a slightly heavier flavour profile, the shrimp scallop and bacon party provided an interesting contrast in terms of texture even when stacked atop the turkey patty; the former being a thinner, softer patty with an umami touch while the latter being firmer with a bite; I opted for the patties to be done medium as recommended, but patrons are free to choose their preferred doneness here. In the middle, the sauces create a hint of refreshing, zesty flavour amidst the savoury flavours and creamy texture that made the burger easy to finish; the sauces able to cut through the intense umami and savoury flavours at the same time while everything comes between the two buttered and lightly toasted buns that were pretty good themselves. The only gripe was it's assembly; the orientation of the bottom and top buns seemed to have been swapped thus causing the patties to slide off from the burger while slicing the burger apart. Otherwise, it's something I am actually could have another time again!