Some of the vendors include:
Swiss Rosti Raclette [$12.90]
Beef Teriyaki Eggstop [$8]
Chicken ham & cheese eggstop [$5.50]
Black pepper smoked duck breast with truffle mash [$10.90]
Beef Chilli fries with onsen egg & cheese [$8.90]
Red & Rose Thai milk tea [1 for $4, 2 for $7] .
My personal favourite would be the Raclette cheese that’s served with a base of crisp rosti and mini chicken sausages. Love this 3 in 1 combination that would gladly satisfy me for a meal, especially with the generous portion of melted Raclette cheese atop that added a tangy piquant note💖. Not for the faint hearted though and I would personally recommend sharing as the Raclette cheese might get a tad overwhelming after awhile. Next, the black pepper smoked duck with truffle mash was also pretty impressive, with tender smoked duck breast seasoned with a slightly spicy, fragrant peppery flavour, served atop a bed of smooth, creamy and truffle-infused mash that came with a lingering aroma. On the other hand, the beef chilli fries from the same stall came with a runny onsen egg atop which elicited a perfect vibrant flow that adds flavour and visuals to the crisp fries, coupled with a bolognese-alike, midly spicy minced beef chilli sauce. Apart from these F&B vendors, there’s also a few other food retail stores to check out at Bugis+ such as Truffle chips from @aromatruffle (highly recommend this 💖👍🏻 if you are huge fan of truffle), homemade Chilli sauces and curry powder (adapted from the owner’s grandma’s traditional recipe) from @shermayssingaporefinefood🌶 as well as an assortment of flavoured popcorns from @magiplanetsg! 🍿 These stalls are here till 16 December whereas the Christmas Market at Bugis junction would be ongoing till 30 December .
Apart from F&B, you can also check out the artisan craft market at Bugis+ where you can customize your own tote bags/accessories & enjoy yourselves in the festive atmosphere at Tofu-Oyako Tomorrowland🌟!