We were generously treated to some of their signatures such as the luscious Artichoke & Spinach Dip, earthy Truffle Shuffle (mushroom lovers take note!), and bestseller The Hangover, as well a craft beer tasting conducted by @thedrinkerysg.
The highlight of the night was, as you may know by now, DIY PIZZA! Group mates @gigglesandjiggles, @nillyfelt @thesocialnoms, @akirahrkw and I made up our minds pretty quickly about the ingredients, but THE NAME, gosh. Much brainstorming, rejections, awkward thinking silences ensued, then finally before we entered the kitchen, we locked down the *perfect* name.

This is our creation, behold… Wagyu ❤️ My Balls On Fire. It had a good balance of heat from the buffalo sauce and jalapeño, buttery savoriness from manchego cheese, crunch from artichoke hearts, wagyu short rib meatballs (see how they're still whole on the pizza) and shaved proscuitto for tasty protein and basil to round up the flavour. Only for the BALLSY.

Order and upload a picture of your own Alt DIY pizza, hashtag #myaltpizza and you may win their Grand Prize of a Pizza Making Party for 10 friends, or other cool weekly prizes! Also check out the other Tastemaker groups' pizzas- Swipe Right, Twiggy Piggy, M.E.A.T., and The Oscars which won!

Thanks @Burpple for the invite, and @altpizza for hosting us!