Used the set meal and restricted to order the shiitake (14.90) and Shoyu ramen (17.90) only even though burpple and their set menu image didn’t state anything about their restriction. Did the math for all the items and couldn’t add up to their UP 79.90 as stated in the set menu image. 2 sake ice cream ($9.90 each), 2 iced green tea ($2.40 each), 2 hard boiled eggs (presumably $1 each), gyoza ($7.90) and 2 Shoyu chashu ramen ($17.90 each).

Asked the staff, they took the calculator, repeatedly did the math and the final number is $68?? How is this one for one deal if I’m paying $39.90 plus plus. Also we ordered the most expensive items we could in this set menu.

Honestly, if they can’t afford to do a one for one deal, they shouldn’t even pretend they can, quite a disappointment.

Soup is bland and there’s no “mountain” of scallions as shown in the image. we finished all the food because the portion is too little so gotta get a more satisfying dinner after this. Paid $47.40 for two after GST and service charge.

💯 spot on review, absolutely appalling 🙄
Thank you for sharing such useful point
Agree! I felt cheated too. If only I have seen your review before going. :(