Bring along your friends to this new Chinese dessert stall in Tanjong Pagar, as their cold desserts are huge! Their Grass Jelly Ice with Lychee ($7.80) was enormous! Packed with shaved ice, grass jelly bits, mango syrup and Lychee, I think this portion can easily feed 4-5 people. Their shaved ice isn't too sweet, and has a herbal flavour.

We got their Yam Paste with Glutinous Rice Balls ($5.50) and I really loved the rice balls! They were nicely packed with either black sesame or peanut paste and the skin is chewy. However, we did not like the yam paste as it did not taste like it and it got really bitter towards the end.

I would say come for the cold desserts! The Mango Ice is also very big to share!

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