I’ve always correctly regarded cauliflower as trash tier broccoli, but trust @lumbre.sg to turn this unpleasant veggie into a desirable one. The Grilled Cauliflower with Black Tahini ($24++) features a whole head of cauliflower grilled on Lumbre’s flame grill, showered in black tahini and garnished charitably with pomegranate seeds.⠀

Just like with the meats, the grill has bestowed a sexy smokiness upon the cauliflower, charring it just right for maximum impact. The rich, creamy tahini might be fortified with squid ink to achieve its colour, but I can’t confirm that. What I can confirm, however, is that the tremendously tasty tahini transformed the dull cauliflower into a vivacious veggie bursting with sapidity.⠀

The pomegranate covered two more flavours that the human tongue perceives: sweet & sour. These little seeds burst forth their sweet and tart juices, harmonising with the salty & smoky cauliflower & tahini flawlessly. This savoury symphony was so sublime that I was compelled to finish my veggies in short order.⠀

Alright, alright, I’ll admit it cauliflower. Perhaps I treated you too harshly.

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