What a cute entremet! Laid my eyes on it and immediately knew I had to get it. This was heaven for pistachio lovers, and I’m one of them! The inside and outside were both singing (I initially wrote screaming, but that didn’t sound good🤔) pistachio, but yet at different frequencies which somehow harmonized really well - the flavours didn’t becoming overbearing, or didn’t start to compete with each other.

At first I was reluctant to dig into this beautifully crafted ball, but once I had my first taste of it, it was so hard to stop eating it! I really enjoyed the textures going on - the crunchy pistachios on the outside contrasted the smooth frangipane on the inside.. which also contrasted the homemade pistachio praline as well as feuilletine - yes, all inside the pistachio mousse ball! I personally really loved the pistachio mousse, that made it for me.

We came in on a Sunday afternoon and some of their cakes and pastries were already sold out - fortunately there were still some of these marimos hanging around. The cafe is very stylishly done up and we were lucky enough to get seats for two during a rather busy period. Do note that there’s 10% service charge if you’d like to dine in.

With the rise in popularity of dessert cafes and such entremets, it’s easy to find entremets that are quite generic and rather pricey too. It was nice to see Tigerlily whip out some creative ideas that really showcased their character as a cafe. We’ll definitely be back earlier in the day to try their other creations!