Yet another visit to the dining partner’s favourite place since Tarte by Cheryl Koh had just refreshed their plated dessert menu again. Their current rendition of the menu now features two soufflés that are new to their menu — the two being the Pistachio Soufflé and the Black Sticky Rice Soufflé, while there is also a new “Strawberry Texture” being listed in their current menu as well.

Opting for the Pistachio Soufflé since the dining partner is a big fan of all things pistachio, the item features a Sicilian Pistachio soufflé that is served alongside a Tulameen Raspberry sorbet. As with all the soufflés that we have tried at Tarte by Cheryl Koh, this one is consistent to their previous soufflé offerings where quality is of concern — smooth, airy and light. That being said, we rarely come across a soufflé that uses a type of nut for its base flavour — here, the slight saltish-ness of the pistachio is pretty evident in the soufflé, giving the soufflé a lingering nutty fragrance as one digs through the entire item. The Tulameen Raspberry sorbet helps to cut through those flavours with its zippy notes; served atop a bed of crushed pistachios, having them alongside the soufflé adds a nice crunch amidst the smooth textures of the soufflé for a bit of contrast.

Really liked how Tarte by Cheryl Koh did something that is slightly more out of the ordinary with their soufflés here this time; both the Pistachio Soufflé and the Black Sticky Rice Soufflé do sound like items that comes that are thoughtful with a unique twist — something more adventurous than the usual fruit-flavoured or alcoholic combinations that they used to offer in their previous renditions of the menu. Looking forward to give the Black Sticky Rice Soufflé a go the next round; does sound pretty interesting considering how it features a black sticky rice soufflé alongside an Alphonso Mango ice-cream; seemingly inspired by the Thai Mango Sticky Rice and also sounding very similar to their Alphonso Mango Tart served in a different format.