[Edinburgh] This was recommended by TripAdvisor when I woke up one morning in Edinburgh and decided that I wanted pancakes. 🥞😋 Wait no. When I decided that I NEEDED pancakes. 🤪

I got here around 9:00am and it was already full house. I couldn’t bear to wait for too long so I took the liberty of having their Blueberry Pancakes with Lemon Curd to go and eating it at a random bus stop. Can you say YIKES?! 💀

Unfortunately, I didn’t find this to be as great as the countless reviews have made it out to be. I like that the touch of tartness (or should I say, tart-ch of it) from both the lemon curd and blueberries kinda perked me up in the cool, early morning.

This was really great value as well, in both numerically and relative sense (i.e. GBP vs. SGD) But otherwise, this left slightly more to be desired as it didn’t exactly satiate me or have my tastebuds dancing as well as Normani on Dancing with the Stars. 😶 (7.2/10)