Little boss is really likes their donut. It’s soft, fluffy with generous fillings. So he always ask me to Tabao for him.
Beside their donut, @simple.cafesg also served very good cakes.
Feature :
Black sesame sponge, sesame ganache cream, homemade azuki paste, sesame biscuit.
I prefer more stronger the black sesame flavour , but for texture and combination with azuki is on point.

💕Saint Honore.
Puff pastry, Choux, Cremè patisserie, Chantilly cream.
The pastry flatly, light and not too sweet.
💕Mochi Donut.
Fluffy soft donut with filling of Mochi and peanut butter, I’m not a peanut butter person but I like this 😋.

📍Simple Cafe.
1 west coast dr, #01-87.

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