Started the meal with the mains because why not? The mentaiko pasta ($15) was so damn umami and wasn't as creavy-heavy as I was worried it would be. Do avoid clumping the shredded seafood when mixing as they lent a briney pop to the bite. Next, the Unagi Fried Rice ($11) was wonderfully sweet and charred, with the piece of Unagi being very nicely grilled. Ate them separately but might follow others' recc to mix everything together next time. Following the carbs, our sides came; started with the Fried Corn ($6) which was SERIOUSLY GOOD like each individual kernel was battered and deep-fried so it's sweet and crispy, and when paired with the accompanying sauces (some mayo+tobiiko hybrid and a Miso tartar?) it is seriously legit. Great to pair with drinks! The Ox Tongue ($12) came last and while good, wasn't as spectacular as I expected it to be. Overall, it was a good meal and will come back for happy hour.