@ramen_keisuke Tonkotsu King Niku King is one of the numerous Keisuke ramen concepts in Singapore. If you have next to no knowledge of the Japanese language like me and still chortle every time you see ‘kani nabe’ on a menu, then the name can throw you for a loop. I’ve always thought that niku is the Japanese word for beef, but it just means meat.⠀

Yes, you can probably see why this place stuck an extra ‘Meat King’ title behind the Tonkotsu King pronoun. For $15.90++, this gargantuan bowl of Niku King Tonkotsu is absolute heaven. One slice of chashu or two meekly hanging around the ramen? Hell naw, here the noodles are absolutely buried under EIGHT slices of chashu! These chashu aren’t just your poxy, bang average sliced pork, they are slices of phenomenally fatty tontoro (pork neck) chashu. Fat equals flavour, and these chashu equal absolute love.⠀

Now, a glut of heavenly pork aside, this bowl of ramen would still be trash if it didn’t have a breathtaking broth, but that’s where the Tonkotsu King comes in. I don’t know what kind of wizardry the King called upon the pork bone broth, but it’s crazy creamy without any dairy involvement and profoundly piquant. Seriously, each sip feels like you’re drinking from the Holy Grail. The collagen leaves its calling card of sticky lips, so you know each mouthful is gonna be smoother than silk. It may get too rich for your blood by the end, but each savoury sip was deliriously delightful.⠀

If you’re itchin’ for a ramen fixin’, why not let the King serve you the treasures of his domain?⠀

P.S.: my hot green tea cost me $3.50++. Bruhhh.

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