The roast beef was seasoned quite poorly, which is a damn shame because it’s been slow roasted to a mouthwatering medium rare. I mean, just look at that pink, man. While the beef is probably not top quality stuff, it’s still tremendously tender, requiring only a couple of moderate bites to disintegrate in your mouth. ⠀
Other excellent protein options at Lime’s Festive Buffet include the amazing Australian lamb chop, which features tastefully tender lamb accompanied by a minty, savoury gravy that tempers the natural mild gaminess of lamb. The roasted salmon is also cooked perfectly, but does need more of that hearty herb butter that it’s presented in.⠀

While the selection and variety of food on offer at Lime is disappointingly limited, the variety of food that is on offer is extraordinarily excellent and top quality. Perhaps they’re going for quality over quantity, and fair play to them for that for doing it adeptly.⠀

Oh one last thing: Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

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