I’ve got a weakness for many things, one of them being soft shell crabs. Don’t matter what kind of cuisine or if the restaurant’s established or not — if I see anything “Soft Shell Crab XYZ” on the menu, you can be sure it’ll end up in my tummy. More often than not it turns out to be a meh decision; but I’m glad to say it’s an absolute hit this time, with Columbus Coffee Co.’s Soft Shell Crab Burger ticking all the right boxes in my book. Fluffy (and I do mean flu-fucking-ffy as hell) brioche buns, garlic aioli, caramelised onions, sunny side egg, furikake, and 2 cutesy fried soft shell crab. The soft shell crab’s fine no odd taste and all, but what I’m superbly impressed with is how well-thought out this is, all the flavours tying in and balancing off one another. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but the caramelised onions has this slightly burnt and bitter aftertaste that I absolutely adore for how it adds another dimension to an otherwise ordinary condiment.