Believe it or not, I actually found @goodmangroupsingapore while I was mindlessly scrolling around google maps. Anything to do with oysters has my curiosity, but Goodman had my full attention with one picture: a little board proclaiming that their oysters were only $1.90 nett a pop. As far as I know, $1.90 an oyster is the cheapest you can get in Singapore, so I hustled down to slurp on some shellfish sharpish. Thanks for wanting me to win for once, Google.⠀

The $1.90 oysters were actually a limited time promo, but the results were so good that Goodman decided to make it a permanent deal. And the best part about these oysters? They weren’t just some minuscule mollusks scraped off the keel of a fishing boat, oh no. These mammoth mollusks from Japan easily dwarf most other oysters out there. Yes, don’t adjust your screens: that is a platter, not a plate, and those lemon wedges are full sized.⠀

On average, these oysters will span from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm. They are exceptionally fresh, and pleasurably plump to boot. The briny, salty creaminess of the oysters are just downright irresistible with a splash of Tabasco and a squirt of lemon juice, and it’s all too easy to polish off these oysters in record timing. However, they can be pretty challenging as a one-biter, but that’s a challenge I’ll gladly accept.⠀

For just a dollar and ninety cents flat, you can savour the same oysters that Godzilla eats. If you’re looking for some massive mollusks that you don’t need to shell out too much for, the good men at Goodman Oyster Bar have you sorted.