Back to Thomson to visit Takumi by Sushiro which opens today at the former corner that Sushiro used to have occupied — this concept replicates the success behind Sushiro by offering affordable Gyudon to the masses; prices start at $12.00 for the Tokyo Gyuniku Don, while other items such as Shizuoka Unajyu Don (unagi served atop Japanese rice served in a box) and Chicken Katsu Curry Udon as well as a few others have their place in the menu.

For $12.00 nett, the portion was pretty good considering there is a balance of rice and beef one is getting; the beef all thinly sliced and delightfully tender and juicy without any hard-to-bite and comes lightly savoury without being noticeably gamey. The entire bowl also does not feel dry even after nearing the end of it, and the in between the rice and beef comes a layer of seaweed nori to help give a little more contrast in flavours. As usual, it comes with the onsen egg that is satisfyingly runny — mix it into the entire bowl for a silkier texture. Overall, a pretty comforting Bowl that I wouldn't mind having again; it would be hard to choose between Sushiro's Barachirashi Don and Takumi by Sushiro's Gyunikun Don the next time I decide to eat at Thomson Plaza.

PS: The Mount Gyuniku Don is priced at $22 nett and is essentially the Tokyo Gyuniku Don upsized with more beef; the Tokyo Gyuniku Don and Mount Gyuniku Don is similar in concept as Sushiro's Barachirashi Don and Premium Barachirashi Don; now you know.