Village Nasi Lemak is back, and is now located in a new shop space at 57 Circular Road in the CBD — it offers quite a number of Nasi Lemak set options and even has a small section dedicated to Tapas as well.

The Chicken Wing Set comes with rice, sous-vide egg, Ikan Bilis, peanuts, pickled cucumber and a fried chicken wing at $7.80. I do like the rice; it's fluffy and light with a hint of coconut aroma without being too greased out or wet — it's actually done pretty well and comes with those crispy bits similar to those one would get with Ayam Penyet. Ikan Bills were crisp, and the chili were sufficiently sweet without being overly spicy; fits those who can't handle spiciness well. The pickled cucumbers provide a good break in between with its light tinge of sourness, but overall I wished that the other ingredients could be of a more apt temperature; the sous-vide egg had a weird contrast in temperature where it seemed a tad too cold compared to the rice and seemed to carry a hint of truffle (?) that felt a bit unnecessary. The yolk wasn't exactly what I would call runny; in fact more on the verge of being solid. Chicken wing was satisfyingly crisp and tender, but I was missing the sensation of fumbling around with a chicken wing that came out hot out of the fryer and biting into a piping hot wing. It's not bad, and I personally think its better than a lot of Nasi Lemak out there, though they probably have to work out the temperature of the stuff that comes along with it.