Din Tai Fung style fried rice has dominated the fried rice hawker scene in recent years, and Chef Wang Fried Rice is yet another new entrant into the arena. As you might’ve guessed, the chef-owner is a former DTF chef, the egg fried rice is very distinctly DTF style, but there’s a twist here.⠀

Besides the standard egg fried rice, Chef Wang’s special is a lineup of sambal fried rice. While it may seem painfully pedestrian, Chef Wang’s rendition is rather redolent. At seven bucks flat for this plate of Sambal Shrimp Egg Fried Rice, you get a small-ish serving that’s big on flavour. The Japanese rice grains are fluffy, slick and well separated, and they’ve hoovered up all the spicy & salty goodness of the sambal added into the wok frying process.⠀

Each individual grain of rice is delightfully spicy and incredibly umami, as the savoury qualities of the sambal have fully transferred over to the rice. The scintillating rice is well streaked with eggy bits, and six bouncy & fresh shrimps are mixed into the rice for the essential protein portion. The wok hei is strong with this rice, and the smokiness elevates the salty & spicy rice and the subtly sweet shrimp with extra oomph.⠀

While the portion is a little diminutive, seven dollars for this delicious dish of fried rice is reasonable enough. Hell yeah I’m always DTF. Down To Feast, yeah.

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