Tried Dofu for the first time quite some time back when they first opened at Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange, which is also where the original outlet was located. Ever since then, it seems like they had improved a lot on their presentation — the swirls are definitely more defined now than before. This is from their second outlet at the basement of JCube.

Much like the first outlet, customers choose if they want a full black soy bean soft-serve base or a base with both black soy bean soft-serve and black soy bean pudding before deciding on the number of toppings to be added. For mine, I have added maple syrup, maple pecan granola, lychee popping balls, aloe vera and fine butter crisps alongside — the soft serve comes mildly sweet but for those whom might prefer something sweeter, I would really recommend adding the maple syrup to bring the sweetness up a notch. The popping balls also help to add a little bit of a flavour contrast especially since most of the popping balls offered features more citrusy fruits. Soy bean pudding sits at the bottom; smooth and slurpy with the flavours of soy bean without being sweetened. A pretty refreshing dessert for a hot day especially for those who love soya bean like me, given how black soy beans give a more profound and defined flavour than the usual soy bean.