While a lot more than five guys were queuing for that new burger joint, I checked out Burger+ much more lowkey opening at The Central @ Clarke Quay. Besides burgers, they serve hot dogs & Korean fried chicken. What’s a Korean restaurant without Korean fried chicken, right?

Of course I was getting their signature Bulgogi burger, what else would I get at a Korean burger place? The one thirty gram beef patty was flavourful enough with the slightly sweet and satisfyingly savoury Bulgogi sauce, and was garnished with competently caramelised onions and Bulgogi mayo before getting smothered by two soft brown potato buns. ⠀

Frankly speaking, it’s basically an improved samurai burger with a lot less mess and better quality ingredients. The sauce is less sweet than the teriyaki sauce Mickey D uses and is a lot more balanced & nuanced. With that being said, I’m still unconvinced that this burger is fully deserving of the $13.80 I shelled out on it.