so many praises about this place! upon stepping in, the place was nicely decorated with wooden tables & chairs. they offer hotpot-bbq or hotpot/bbq alone at the same prices ($36.80++ for mon-thu lunch buffet). the spread was insane! there was so many options for both the bbq & hotpot side (items were mostly those u can find from a mala store). drinks were on abit of a pricey side (~$2++, non-refillable). highly highly HIGHLY recommend the classic spicy soup (buttery, mala & delicious) @ $5 for 1/2 pot! amazing experience. they were rly flexible also to allow us to start our buffet before their official opening time (we reached at about 10.40am, they open at 11am) & they don't make you keep to the 90mins if it's not crowded. they did seem a little understaffed though as there were a few times where we tried calling the staff but they were either nowhere/using their phones - but it is not a big deal unless you're big on service.