Had a lovely brunch at @dough.coffee !

Visited this place on a sunday afternoon and didnt expect it to be still so crowded! (Do note they do not accept reservations, so only walk in) But the queue was still manageable, we managed to get air con seats in just about 15mins wait time.

Tried out the following bakes:

Blackcurrant Peanut Chocolate mochi roll ($6): This caught my attention because it was super unique! But sorry it doesnt look pretty here as I dropped it on the tray while trying to take it out opps. This was like a cinnamon bun, but with chocolate fillings, and topped with blackcurrant jam! There is also mochi in the middle of the roll! But somehow , the flavours did not really come together.

Guava strawberry keffir lime danish ($6): I quite like this! The citrusy combination was good! And guava danish is so rare! Recommend to try this!

Hazelnut banana danish ($5): There was natural sweetness from the bananas and crunchy texture from the crushed hazelnut!

Besides pastries, they also have cooked food and a wide range of drinks! There is no GST or service charge here. Will be back to visit this place again!

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