The tarts are not to be missed as well. My first time having their tarts and I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the slightly crumbly shortcrust shells. The Lychee Pop Tart ($7.90) was a fun number with the little bubbles and I liked that the lychee flavour was pronounced yet not all that artificial. Similarly, the Summer Lemon Tart ($7.90) was a fruity pick with dollops of light coconut meringue. For something rich, my favourite was the Speculoos Cream Cheese Tart ($6.90). The spiced caramelised flavour of the cookie butter really hits the spot for me and the smooth cream cheese does balance it out a little. Lastly, the straight-up indulgent pastry was the Sea Salt Nutella Tart ($6.90) - luscious, nutty, and buttery. A must-order for lovers of the hazelnut spread.

And to sweeten the deal, #BurppleBeyond can save you $10 on selected cakes and ice creams. Pair the many bakes with scoops of creamy gelato ($5/ per scoop), think malty Milo, aromatic Pistachio (+$1, premium scoop), and light-tasting Vanilla.

Thank you Burpple for the invite and Butter Studio for feeding us!