came here for a family dinner & was not disappointed. at first step in, the ambience was really pretty & well-kept! the staff served us immediately & were really on the ball in answering our questions about burpple. super sincere & friendly staff that checked in on how we found the food + our dining experience. we ordered 4 items: gulai chicken scallopini ($23+), rendang beef cheeks ($24), nyonya herb crusted snapper ($25+), braised ponteh lamb shank ($27+). they do not charge GST. the food was good as well albeit that the portions are a little small, but all mains came with rice, koropok, really spicy sambal chilli and achar. the food was yummy & enjoyable - think we finished everything within 10-15 mins! the chicken was reaaally tender and the lamb shank was fall off the bone too. the rendang beef had a unique fragrance to it that we really enjoyed. we wouldn't come back for the fish (it was a little burnt & disappointing) but would return for the rest of the items!

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