The kaya taste was not distinct, it was very faint cuz it was just a small layer under the yellow stuff (yes I'm gonna call it yellow stuff cuz I'm still not 100% sure that it's cream cheese). The cookie on top was nice, but not the most fragrant polo cookie I've tried. As for the yellow stuff that I initially thought was butter, it definitely didn't have a strong cheese taste given how I completely forgot that there's supposed to be cheese inside while I was eating it, but it did taste very slightly sour. Hence it was probably cream cheese lmao.

Overall it didn't taste bad and the yellow stuff with the kaya was pretty alright. Compared to the coffee polo, this one definitely pales in comparison since it's much less fragrant. Not bad though, there's a chance that I may try this again.

⭐ Rating: 7/10 confused cows
🤑 worth the price: eh
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: probably not

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