My order of preference is the Lemon Meringue ($4), Matcha Azuki ($4.50) and Tiramisu ($5).

The lemony one is made up of an original craqueline choux, lemon cream, Italian meringue and lemon balm leaf. What I love about this is the tanginess of the lemon cream as it is tantalizing and refreshing while the choux pastry has a nice buttery crust.

The matcha is made up of a green craqueline choux, matcha chantilly and sweet azuki beans. Everything works except that I can really taste or find the azuki beans. They might have been playing hide and seek with me.

The tiramisu is made up of a plain craqueline choux, coffee soaked sponges and kahlua sabayon. I would prefer a strong coffee taste from this. Do note this contains alcohol too.

Address: 3, Petain Road, Singapore 208108